Company's Business

The company is principally engaged in the development and sale of real estate which consists of house and land development and apartments in condominiums. Typically, income is approximately 65% of total income and income from rental and service fees in office buildings and shopping centers, Charn Issara Tower Project And office buildings and shopping centers, Charn Issara Tower 2 Project, which has revenues of approximately 3-5%, revenues from hotel operations, approximately 25% and the rest is other income such as service and utilities income from real estate projects administrative fee income, interest income and other income.

Nature of business Product or service

The company operates in 4 types of business as follows:

  1. Property development for sale

    At present, the company has completed the development of the project, which is in the process of transferring the ownership to the customer and awaiting some sale and is in the process of real estate development for sale as follow.

    • 1.1 The Issara Sathorn, a luxury condominium with 37 floors, 270 units near the center of business. Surrounded by nature and the view of the Chao Phraya River and Bang Krachao River, filled with the scent of culture harmonious with modernity. Help make it a suitable neighborhood to live in close to the gray line train in the future and plenty of common areas, including the Lounge, the luxurious lobby, the park, the family retreat, the Haven on the 30th floor with elements of a swimming pool. With hydrotherapy at the Therapy and a sky gym at the Sky Gym, organize a party with a banquet hall in The Space or enjoy a garden at The Garden. The Isara Sathorn is the perfect answer for you. “Live free life in every aspect” This project is operated on behalf of Charn Issara Development Public Company Limited, currently under construction expected completion in 2023.

      1.2 Issara Collection Sathorn, a dream comes true in the heart of this metropolis, “Issara Collection Sathorn”, a luxurious, private and complete 7-storey residential condominium with premium features. On the prime location of Sathorn Road which is convenient and beyond your expectation is another project of Charn Issara Group Award-winning property developer in Bangkok and resort cities. Forefront of Thailand, only 33 units comprising 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and a duplex.
      Issara Collection Sathorn is designed with family home in mind with spacious living room, western kitchen and Thai kitchen. Ceiling height that is higher than standard including the usable area of 110-249.89 square meters in each unit, creating a home feeling for the residents. With private elevators in some units for more privacy Beautifully decorated with a unique identity.
      In addition, in 2017, ISSARA COLLECTION SATHORN was awarded Best Low-Rise Condo Architectural Design (Bangkok) and Best Low-Rise High End Condo Development (Bangkok) at the Thailand Property Awards from the property Guru website, Asia’s Leading Real Estate. This project is operated on behalf of Charn Issara Viphaphon Company Limited, a subsidiary. Currently there is only 1 unit for sale.

      1.3 Issara Residence Rama 9, a super luxury detached house in the heart of the city on Rama 9 Road, area 9 rai 3 ngan, only 20 houses with a clubhouse with modern fitness equipment. 25 meter long swimming pool, separate male and female steam room and Private Linear Garden with premium social privacy and the highest safety in living. It is a reflection of the success of life given to the family. “The Infinity of Happiness in the Heart of the City” This project is operated under the name of Charn Issara Development Public Company Limited.

      1.4 Baan Issara Bangna Project, the house is the pride of being passed down from generation to generation, Baan Issara Bangna, a luxury detached house on an area of 24 rai that perfectly conveys comfort. Based on the design of the A49 with a large, spacious clubhouse with a modern fitness facility, the shared amphitheater is used to enhance the family atmosphere and a large communal garden for relaxation and exercise. Close to shopping center leading educational institutes, hospitals, expressways connected closer to all, only 44 families could have such happiness. This project is operated on behalf of CIN Estate Company Limited which is a subsidiary company partially completed construction gradually transferred the ownership to the customer. and the rest are under construction.

      1.5 Baan Sitawan Pakchong project, inhaling ozone from nature on the plateau, 400 meters above sea level with houses that use the innovative construction of the “Modular System” that makes the house clean, healthy and environmentally friendly. Sitawan, Pak Chong - Khao Yai, has an area of 27 rai, with both ready-to-live houses and land. Come to experience the fresh air to recharge the life at Sita Wan. This project is operated on behalf of Charn Issara Development Public Company Limited.

      1.6 The Issara Chiang Mai Project, finds superior living in the midst of nature, enjoy a variety of leisure activities that can be tailored according to the needs of the whole family. Because here is The Issara Chiang Mai, a condominium on an area of over 3 rai consisting of two 7-storey buildings, total of 265 units, ready to move in. Each unit has been cleverly designed to maximize the use of space. Ready to enjoy the most relaxation, enjoy the atmosphere of pleasure and comfort with complete decoration and amenities. They can choose happiness in 1-2 bedrooms, size 35-70 sq m, and find inspiration for every new morning at our swimming pool and private pool or to cool off in a jacuzzi. Get fit and firm in the spacious gym with a well-designed green space. Allowing you to live close to nature to the fullest at “The Issara Chiang Mai” on a potential location that perfectly connects all life with business and tourism centers. With maximum privacy on the space of the pride of the owner. This project is operated on behalf of Charn Issara Viphaphon Company Limited, a subsidiary.

      1.7 Baba Beach Club Natai Project, “Baba Beach Club Natai” villa Project and a luxury beach club style hotel located on Natai Beach, Phang Nga Province, on an area of 42 rai, just 20 minutes from Phuket International airport, offering panoramic views of the Andaman Sea with a view of the sunset. Consisting of a villa 6 beach front residence 5 bedrooms villa for 18 units, 2 bedrooms pool villa, and beach club style hotels. These include 8 Gabana villas, 4 pool suites and 4 baba suites and complete activities, fitness, spa, restaurant, beachside swimming pool, beach club and many nearby attractions. It aims to blend the individuality as a hotel and beach club for music lovers. Was designed and decorated in the style of Chino Portuguese of Phuket with beautiful colors in the Shanghai Tang style, it creates an interesting Chino Portuguese Tang style.
      “Baba Beach Club Natai” is managed and developed by the team behind the internationally acclaimed luxury pool villa “Sri Panwa”. This project is operated on behalf of Charn Issara Junfa Company Limited, a subsidiary.

      1.8 Sri panwa Residence, “Sri Panwa” villa project and a luxury pool villa hotel located on a private beach. At the end of Cape Panwa, south-east of Phuket Island, on an area of 85 rai, the villa of Sri Panwa hidden among the trees and a private atmosphere. It also opens to see the beautiful sea of the Andaman Sea with the surrounding islands. All villas have their own private pool. Sri Panwa has been selected as one of the top five resorts in Thailand and has also been selected to be one of the most charming hotels in the world. The villa is designed in a contemporary tropical style. Located above sea level 40-60 meters high and many recreational activities include spa, yoga, fitness, tennis courts, swimming pool on the beach.
      Year 2020, there are new pool villas zone that have been completed, ready for sale and open for customers to book. It uses blue color and differs from the original which id four of orange. Sri Panwa offers another 24 Pool Suite rooms in the Yaya & Convention zone, which can accommodate up to 400 people.

      1.9 Baan Thew Talay Blue Sapphire Project, with the splendid achievement of Baan Thew Talay Aquamarine (Phase 1), which received 2 international real estate awards: Best Condominium and Best Leisure. Development of Thailand Issara Ruam Co., Ltd. has launched “Baan Thew Talay Blue Sapphire” (Phase 2), one of the quality landmarks projects. Beachfront condominium in Aquatic Contemporary style, next to private beach. Combining design inspiration from the turquoise sea and soft white sandy beach, giving you a warm atmosphere to relax your body and mind. Ready to receive the most special in every unit with a private balcony, you can experience the beautiful atmosphere of the sky spreading across the sea and the interior of the room with concept from the blue sea and sand on the beach. As if to relax on the beach all the time to fulfill life completely and close to nature. Surrounded by landscaped gardens and lush vegetation. Interspersed with a beautiful lotus pond moreover, the project area is surrounded by a natural garden that provides shade and freshness. There are also amenities that are suitable for the whole family. It comes with a 100-meter free-form swimming pool and a seaside beach club, fitness center, steam room, BBQ area, kids’ zone and library. With the place of rest for the whole family on the area of 15 rai beach front with two 4-storey buildings and 15-storey buildings with 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom rooms, size 36-158 square meters. Ready to move in. This project is operated by Issara United Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company.

      1.10 Blue Diamond Project (BLU DIAMOND), a condominium part of Thew Talay World that has received the Highly Recommended for Best Condo Development (Cha Am - Hua Hin) award of Issara Associates Company Limited, a beautiful beachside property developer on Cha Am beach. High-rise condominium between Cha Am - Hua Hin Sea view Stylish Beachfront / Resort Chic style meet all needs that will fulfill your vacation more perfect. With a design inspired by waves and corals combine with the decoration in blue-white tones. According to the sea, the free-form swimming pool is inspired by the Atoll Oasis mixed with the azure sea. The sea view of Chaam from above with complete facilities such as Lobby reception, 24-hour security, fitness with modern equipment. For you to enjoy exercise private steam room that nourishes both physical and mental health. Along with a Sunken lounge swimming pool that makes you feel like you are swimming in the blue sea, etc. On an area of 7 rai with a 21-storey building, 1-2-bedroom rooms, size 30-60 square meters, the price is easy to own. Ready to move. This project is operated by Issara United Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company.

      1.11 BABA BEACH CLUB RESIDENCES HUAHIN Project, a luxury pool villa project located in Thew Talay World Cha-Am - Hua Hin, on an area of 110 rai with a longer beach front. There are 11 units in total, with a usable area ranging from 279-525 square meters, land size 444 - 788 square meters, designed with a Neo Colonial style architecture that blends western and local styles perfectly. With an emphasis on privacy, each villa features a hallway and a tall balcony. With private swimming pool meet every degree of life with convenient equipment. Moreover, the rental program is managed by the Sri Panwa hotel team and Baba Beach Club Residences Phase 1 which is closed within 1 year of construction.
      With positive response, Baba Beach Club Residences Hua Hin Phase 1 has launched 7 Phase2 units with a usable area of 167.5 square meters and land size 264- 252 square meters, which still remains the identity of Baba Beach Club Residences Hua Hin that has been designed to emphasize the privacy of the residents in harmony with the relaxation atmosphere

      1.12 Baba Beach Club Hua Hin, an exclusive beach club style hotel and residences in the concept of Music Lovers Hotel on the edge Cha Am Sea - Hua Hin managed by Sri Panwa features a beachfront swimming pool and exclusive beach club. Emphasize the guests to relax by the sea with music. It is designed and decorated in an eclectic style. Neo-colonial of Hua Hin and modernity Thus, resulting in an interesting style located on an area of 12 rai in the world. It has a beach front stretching more than 160 meters away from Bangkok for 2 hours and close to major tourist attractions. It offers 18 panoramic ocean view rooms with private pools and 18 luxury pool villas. Baba Beach Club Hua Hin is surrounded by panoramic views of the Gulf of Thailand coastline. Providing 5-star service and amenities such as a premium fitness center, Cool Spa, swimming pool, restaurant and bar by the sea, Baan Chok Restaurant & Cafe, White House by the sea and the venue for beach events, with Sri Panwa Management Company Limited as the hotel manager.
      Habita Seaview, opened since the end of 2021 with a 12-storey height with 47 rooms and a banquet hall (Convention Hall) with a capacity of 200 people, meeting rooms / seminars / Kid Club / Cool Spa. This project is owned by Issara United Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary and managed by Sri panwa

      1.13 The Hua Hin One project, Thew Talay world, has transformed 6 rai of land into a stop for check-in, taking pictures and enjoying it before entering Hua Hin town. Distinctive with the Super Shell Station that is uniquely designed in the world. Featuring a stylish car wash and EV Charger, Lawson 108 Convenience Store, Taco Shell Mexican Restaurant, you can also stop by for coffee and homemade ice cream at I-Tim Station, an Art Deco-inspired train cafe. Comes with a photo shoot corner for you to share on social media, also for the children. You can run and play outdoors on the Giant Play Around area and enjoy the fun baby developmental toys all day long. As for those who love pets, you can bring your dog to relax in the green area, Doggy Dog Park allows your dog to run and play with ease.
      You can also continue to enjoy marine activities and horse riding along the beach in front of Baan Chok. Tthere are also various relaxing corners such as the Tropical Desert Garden on the large courtyard. Experience the scent of the desert from the tropical plants or be the Art Park, a wall of artists from P7 that spark creativity and learning for the whole family. With the distinctive identity that we create atmosphere into a variety of photo spots for you to pass happiness to everyone. Also, enjoy the night market that gathers restaurants and shopping EAT - FUN - CHILL every Friday and Saturday at the Hua Hin One Night Market @ Hua Hin One. This project is operated by Issara Associates Co., Ltd., a company small

      1.14 Sri Panwa Nanyan Bay, a total area of 11 rai, located in Wanning, Hainan Province, China, which is an investment of Hainan Huachang Tourism Development Co., Ltd. under the management of the company. Ma Junfa Real Estate Co., Ltd., a leading company in Yunnan Province, China, which has 64 rooms, consisting of 40 Pool Suites, 24 Penthouse rooms, 2 restaurants: All-day Dinning, Shop C. Thai-style food and Cool Spa There has been a delay in construction during the COVID period. Causing delays in making hotels and the government has changed the rules for doing luxury projects in Hainan Island, so the project has been delayed.

      1.15 SASARA Hua Hin, a luxury beachfront residence private beach in the heart of Hua Hin, Khao Takiab Zone. The latest project from Issara United Co., Ltd. under the concept “The Art of Escape”. Experience the aesthetics of both body and mind relaxation in a private and quiet location. Create a feeling of simplicity filled with the warm feeling of the sandy beach, the wind and the sound of the waves. Hide away in a prime location in the heart of Hua Hin that is exclusive to only 110 families. On the exclusivity of comfortable rest high security and privacy. With a beach front stretching more than 8 kilometers, the project area has a length of 46 meters, 5 swimming pools, 5 styles, with many activities both inside and outside the project such as beach club, fitness, kayak, surf boards and activities with many beachside amenities, currently under construction, expected to be completed by the end of 2023. This project is operated by Issara United Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company.

  2. Long-term rental sales business and rental of office buildings and shopping centers:

    Charn Issara Tower at Rama IV and Charn Issara Tower II at New Petchaburi, is an office building and a shopping center that is convenient for traveling. It is the center of business. There are suites ranging in size from 25 square meters - 1,700 square meters to accommodate leading shops and businesses.

  3. Hotel Operation Business:

    Around the third quarter of 2006, Charn Issara Residences Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company, began operating a hotel business in the Sri Panwa project, Phuket Province. It is a Boutique Hotel under the name of Sri Panwa Hotel. The hotel has been licensed and operated by 11 Pool Villas comprising of 18 bedrooms and 23 additional construction in the third phase which was completed in 2009. To both Thai customers and foreigners, it is popular with foreigners in a satisfactory level. Later in 2013, the company has sold parts of the Sri Panwa Hotel. It comprises of land of approximately 21 rai 2 ngan 55 square wah, including buildings, which are Pool Villa, Family Suite and Luxury Pool Villa, total 38 units and Pool Suite rooms, 7 units with various facilities and the operation of Sri Panwa Hotel to Property Fund, Sri Panwa Hotel. The Company holds approximately 30% of the investment units in the mutual fund and rents the Sri Panwa Hotel to return to management for a period of 15 years with fixed rental as agreed. Currently, Sri Panwa Hotel Property Fund converted to a trust under the name of Real Estate Investment Trust for Sri Panwa Hotel. In December 2016, the construction of HABITA Hotel, which has 30 additional Pool Suite and Penthouse rooms and X29 villas, is also sold to a real estate investment trust for Sri Panwa Hotel. In December 2016 as well, worth approximately 1,300 million baht and completed the construction of 4 pool villas worth 200 million baht, which was completed in 2019.

    In the fourth quarter of 2017, the company has provided two additional hotels, BABA BEACH CLUB HUA HIN, a hotel project located in the same area as the luxury villas on the beach front of Hua Hin - Chaam. It is part of Thew Talay Estate, a Pool Villa and Pool Suite style residential project worth 1,800 million baht. BABA BEACH CLUB NATAI is located in the same area as BABA BEACH CLUB NATAI, Natai Beach, Khok Kloi Sub-district, Takua Thung District, Phang Nga Province. 16 Pool Suit rooms with amenities such as BEACH CLUB, restaurant, and large swimming pool. Beach front nature park beautiful and secluded, with a 200-meter-wide beach and perfect sand and sea quality.

    At present, Sri panwa Phuket opens a new Pool Suite in the name of Yaya & Convention, which has 24 rooms and a large banquet room with a capacity of 400 people, overlooking the sea parallel to the banquet hall and the end. Of the year Soul café and Tu Bar were o pened to increase the outlet of the hotel. In addition, Baba Beach Club Hua Hin Phase 2, which we call the Habita Seaview zone, is a 12-storey building. There are 47 rooms with a large Convention room for organizing seminars, weddings and events, along with Kid Club, Cool spa, and Fitness rooms to provide complete service to customers and at Baba Beach Club Hua Hin, we have a home restaurant. Luck and Soul Food as well.

  4. Managing office buildings, juristic condominiums / housing estates and real estate project management business:

    The company was appointed by the Bangkok Property Fund to be a real estate manager and property manager of the fund. These include condominiums in Charn Issara Tower and Charn Issara Tower II with a total area of 30,687.68 square meters since 2002 including project management of International Research Development Company Limited.

    For the management of condominium or housing juristic person, the company and its affiliates manage the condominiums, various housing estates that the Company and affiliates have developed projects such as Issara @ Forty Two Sukhumvit, The Issara Ladprao, Baan Sitawan, Pak Chong-Khao Yai, Issara Collection Sathorn and resort condominiums in project Thew Talay Estate, etc.

The Company has investments in subsidiaries, related companies and property funds as follows.

Company Names

Total paid registered Capital (million)

Total shares

Par value (Baht)

Shareholding Percentage %

Charn Issara Residence Co., Ltd. 140.00 1,195,000 100 85.36
C.I.N. Estate Co., Ltd. 2,502.00 1,499,996 100 59.99
Charn Issara Vipaphol Co., Ltd. 100.00 2,099,996 100 49.99
Issara United Co., Ltd. 420.00 2,099,996 100 49.99
Sri Panwa Management Co., Ltd. 100.00 3,000,000
(CIR A subsidiary holds shares 100%)
10 85.36
Issara Junfa Co., Ltd. 920.00 7,939,997 100 86.30
Issara United Development CO., Ltd. 560.00 2,799,996 100 49.99
Charn Issara REIT Management Co., Ltd. 20 1,999,996 10 99.99
International Resources Development Co., Ltd. 1,757.95 2,810,695 100 15.99
Bangkok Commercial Property Fund 1,000.00 17,561,900 10 17.56
Sri panwa Hospitality Real Estate Investment Trust 3,097.72 425,000 11.10 0.00
(Hold by CIR 19.49%)

Subsidiaries and related companies are as follows:

  1. Charn Issara Residences Company Limited engages in property development for sale and a hotel on an area of 80 rai under the name of “Sri Panwa Project” Phase 1 and 2 worth 1,600 million baht, Phase 2 and 3 worth more than 1,500 and 1,400 million baht, respectively. Located on Cape Panwa, Phuket Province, surrounded by sea views and surrounding islands. The main customers of Sri Panwa Project are foreigners and Thai people who enjoy life in Phuket which is the most famous resort in the world. Currently, 2 units of ownership have been sold and transferred to customers and the construction in Phase 3 is a Pool Villa of 4 units (X25) which was completed at the end of 2019. It comprises of land approximately 21 rai 2 ngan 55 square meters with buildings and rooms, Pool Villa, Family Suite and Luxury Villa, total 38 units and a Pool Suit room 7 units and various facilities related to operations of Sri Panwa Hotel to Sri Panwa Hotel Property Fund (SPWPF) where the Company holds approximately 30% of the investment units in the mutual fund and leases the Sri Panwa Hotel to return to management for a period of 15 years with fixed rental fees as agreed. In 2014, the company has operated the construction of a new hotel phase. It will be developed into approximately 30 additional POOL SUITE rooms to support the expansion of tourists who come to Phuket with an increasing trend every year. The construction is now completed and has been in operation since the end of 2015. Converted to a trust under the name of Real Estate Investment Trust for Sri Panwa Hotel in December 2016 and the company has sold the hotel in the second part which offers 30 POOL SUITE rooms with X29 villas for real estate investment trusts. Sri Panwa Hotel in December 2016 as well, the total value is approximately 1,300 million baht.

    The Phase 4 hotel is currently under construction, consisting of a Convention Hall and 24 pool suites.

  2. C.I.N.Estate Company Limited engages in property development for sale. Currently, one project is being developed and has been completed 2 projects which is The Issara Ladprao is a large condominium project. On an area of almost 5 rai on Lad Phrao Road, between Soi Ladprao 12 and Ladprao 14, 47-storey condominium, 1 building, a total of 561 units, only 300 meters away from the Lad Phrao MRT Station, the project value of approximately 2,800 million years, sold and transferred 100% of the condominium units. At the beginning of 2013, Izzy Condo Suksawat was launched, another brand in the middle target level of Charn Issara Group on Suksawat road close to the Purple Line train that will build in the future. The building has a height of 24 floors on an area of 4 rai. The usable area of the apartments ranges from 21 square meters to 55 square meters at the price of a million baht. But with the quality of common areas such as a large lobby luxury swimming pool with a sky garden that allows you to experience the fresh air on the top floor of the building. With superior security system and a key card system that controls access perfectly. It has a positive respond. At present, 100% of ownership has been sold and transferred. In 2018, the company launched Baan Issara Bangna project on the main road near Mega Bangna on an area of 24 rai, detached houses 2 and 3 floors, usable area 380 to 697 sq m, surrounded by green nature. Passed from generation to generation by leading designers with complete functional functions. With a grand clubhouse large swimming pool a state-of-the-art fitness center with an amphitheater zone that helps each family bond and running tracks around the village. The shady garden helps the rest of the time to be filled with happiness, starting price 79 million baht, at present, the model houses have been constructed and gradually built houses for customers.

  3. Charn Issara Wiphaphon Company Limited engages in real estate development for sale and has completed 5 projects as follows.
    (1) Baan Ploen Talay Project
    (2) Baan Chan Talay Project,
    both projects are 100% sold and transferred.
    (3) Issara Village project is a new concept townhome allowing you to live close to nature, surrounded by beautiful gardens and swimming pool. The atmosphere is quiet, private, with only 35 units, now 100% sold and transferred.
    (4) Issara Collection Sathorn, a luxury 7-storey condominium with premium features. On the prime location of Sathorn Road which is convenient and beyond your expectation. Another masterpiece project of Charn Issara Group Award holder for real estate developers in Bangkok and leading resort cities. With just 33 units comprising two to three bedrooms and a three-bedroom duplex, the Issara Collection Sathorn is a true family residence with a generous amount of kitchen space. Both western and Thai kitchen in some units. The distance from the ceiling is higher than the standard, as well as the usable area that is more than 100 square meters of each unit. Create a feeling of home for the residents. For privacy fulfill the urban lifestyle, some units have a private elevator and beautifully decorated with a unique identity Now completed and available for sale only 1 unit.
    (5) The Issara Chiang Mai, a resort-style condominium project on an area of over 3 rai consisting of two 7- storey buildings, total of 265 units, ready to move in. Each unit has been cleverly designed to maximize the use of space. Ready to enjoy the most relaxation enjoy the atmosphere of pleasure and comfort with complete decoration and amenities. You can choose happiness in 1-2 bedrooms, size 35-70 sq m, and find inspiration for every new morning at our private lab pool. Or to cool off in a jacuzzi, get fit and firm in the spacious gym. With a well-designed green space, allowing you to live fully close to nature on a potential location that connects all life to the business and tourism hubs perfectly.

  4. Issara United Co., Ltd. is a merger between Charn Issara Development Public Company Limited and Saha Pathanapibul Public Company Limited and I.C.C. International Public Company Limited, which is widely known for a long time as the business real estate development for sale company. Currently, the development is completed, 3 projects located at Km 209, Cha-am district, including Baan Thew Talay Aquamarine Project (Aqua Marine) is a beach front villa style condominium worth over 2,000 million baht, complete with full facilities. In order to meet the customer group, squeeze to A, on an area of 13 rai, adjacent to the sea, width of 57 meters, just 10 minutes’ drive from Hua Hin town. Fully consists of 4 low rise buildings, 4 buildings and 15 floors, 1 building with 1-3 bedrooms, size 44-193 square meters, totaling 270 units, starting price from 3.1-35 million baht. It is surrounded by greenery of the surrounding landscape and open to the view of the sea with a perfect living area, complete according to the Natural Contemporary concept, designed by the famous Habita Company. The Baan Thew Talay project was completed in 2014 and has also been awarded two international real estate awards from the International Property Awards, Best Condominium and Best Leisure Development of Thailand. The second project is Baan Thew Talay Blue Sapphire project on an area of 15 rai by the beach, consisting of three buildings, two 4-story buildings and a 15-storey building with 1 room. Stay 1-3 bedrooms, size 36-159 square meters, totaling 421 units, starting price from 2.9-21 million baht, beautifully designed in Aqua Contemporary style by Habita Architect, the renowned architect company. With inspiration from the river Baan Thew Talay is surrounded by a shady landscape of lush gardens and plants. Interspersed with beautiful lotus ponds and freeform swimming pools. Ready to open up views for residents to immerse themselves in the scenery of the waves Creating a feeling of unity with the serene natural surroundings. Completed in 2015, it currently has over 90% of sales and transfers, and the third project, BLU is a residential condominium project, following two quality projects, Baan Thew Talay, Aqua Marin and Blue Sapphire, Thailand’s best condominium, which received two awards, year after year from the International Property Awards of Issara United Company Limited, a beautiful and private property developer on the beach front of Cha-am. Characterized by landscape design under the concept of beach life amidst the Atoll, like the Maldives, to create a tropical atmosphere full of enchanting charm. Just the first step into BLU, you can experience the simple, elegant and stylish architecture of the front entrance with big and small plants. Extending from the entrance to the lobby overlooking the pool in a beautiful wide swimming corner. Surrounded by a building that emphasizes the shady for a truly relaxing holiday on an area of 7 rai on the beach with a 21-storey building, 1-2 bedrooms, size 30 - 60 square meters, prices are easy to own. Starting at only 1.89 million baht, the construction has been completed and the ownership has been transferred to customers since the end of 2016 for the fourth project, namely Baba Beach Villa Hua Hin, a luxury villa project on the beach front of Hua Hin - Cha-am. It is part of the Thew Talay Estate project, a Pool Villa style residence. Baba Beach Villas Hua Hin features both its location and design that is different from the general villas. Privacy focus and the real comfort of relaxation for residents. Neo Colonial style house style, outstanding in appearance and design of the living space combined with a full common area. There is also a Rental Program that can provide compensation in Investable Managed and maintained by Sri Panwa Phuket Hotel, which has more than 10 years of experience in hotel management and is recognized. Guaranteed by many world-class awards. Baba Beach Villa Hua Hin is a two-storey detached house with swimming pool. Usable area size from 279 - 525 sq m, land size 111-197 sq m, 11 units at a starting price of 42.9-80 million baht, the project completed in 2018, sell and transfer 100% of ownership. Baba Beach Club Residence Hua Hin Phase 1 therefore launched Phase 2 of 7 units with usable area of 167.5 square meters, land size 252-264 square meters, which remains the Baba Beach Club Residence Hua Hin. Designed to focus on the privacy of the residents in harmony with the relaxation atmosphere. Construction is completed 2021.

  5. Sri Panwa Management Co., Ltd. owned by Charn Issara Residence Co., Ltd. has operated hotel management business since 2013 by renting Sri panwa Phuket Hotel Phase 1 and Phase 2 and Baba Beach Club Hua Hin Hotel from Sri Panwa Hotel hospitality Real Estate Investment Trust. come to manage as a luxury hotel and later managed the Baba Beach Club Natai Phang Nga hotel, as well as the Baba Beach Club Hua Hin hotel extension called Habita Seaview and Sri panwa Phuket hotel extension called Yaya Convention. which is a Convention Hall and a meeting room to support organizing events, seminars and events Room details and hotel values are as follows:



    No. of room
    Sri panwa phase 1 2,000 mil. Baht 45 rooms
    Sri panwa phase 2 1,300 mil. Baht. 31 rooms
    Baba Beach club Hua Hin 550 mil. Baht. 18 rooms
    Baba Beach Club NaTai 500 mil. Baht 16 rooms
    Baba Beach Club Hua Hin zone Habita Seaview 1,200 mil. Baht. 47 rooms
    Sri panwa Phuket zone Yaya and Convention 1,000 mil. Baht. 24 rooms

  6. Issara United Development Company Limited, which is a joint venture between Charn Issara Development Public Company Limited and Saha Pathanapibul Public Company Limited and I.C. C. International Public Company Limited, which has been widely known for a long time. The objective is to jointly operate the business of real estate and hotel development. By bringing the land on the beach to develop a hotel and villa in Namba Beach Club Hotel Hua Hin, which was completed and started operation in the fourth quarter of 2017 at the end of 2018, the company sold a hotel in the Beach Front section. Pool Suit 18 keys entered into a real estate investment trust for Sri Panwa Hotel, where Sri Panwa Management Company Limited is the operator of the lease back to manage the hotel for the new zone hotel building, which will have more than 47 rooms with Convention rooms, meeting rooms, Kid Club, Cool Spa, Fitness has been completed. Since the end of 2021, in the name of Habita Seaview, Sri Panwa has managed the hotel.

  7. Issara Junfa Company Limited is a joint investment between Charn Issara Development Public Company Limited and Junfa Real Estate Company Limited, a leading real estate company from the People’s Republic of China. The project will jointly develop a real estate project for sale and a hotel under the name BABA BEACH CLUB NATAI, located at Natai Beach, Khok Kloy Sub-district, Takua Thung District, Phang Nga Province, on an area of 42 rai, right on the beach with quality sand and sea water. Up to 200 meters, surrounded by coconut plantations and shady local trees. BABA BEACH CLUB NATAI project will consist of BEACH FRONT VILLA, 6 5-bedroom beachside villas with a section that will open as a hotel, consisting of a BEACH CLUB, a beach front room and POOL VILLA, POOL SUITE rooms surrounded by natural garden and large swimming pool. Currently, the construction of the hotel is completed. Service started to customers in late 2017 and completed 6 Beach Front Villas and 16 Pool Villas completed in 2019. The project has already hosted two world-class Circoloco events and in 2023 will host the third.

  8. Charn Issara REIT Management Co., Ltd. is a REIT manager. Currently is a real estate investment trust manager for Sri Panwa hotel which worth over 4,100 million baht. The invested assets consist of Sri Panwa Phuket Hotel and Baba Beach Club Hua Hin Hotel.
  9. International Research Development Company Limited engages in real estate development for sale. Currently, there are 923 rai of land for development, located near the Suvarnabhumi Airport. Some 400 rai of land was sold to King Power Group, which is now developed into a polo field. The largest in Thailand. Currently, it also Developed as a residence and a golf course etc.

Company Groups Structure as of December 31, 2022

The Company’s revenue can be classified as follow:

(Unit : Million Baht)

Type of Revenues 2022 2021 2020
Revenue % Revenue % Revenue %
Sales of real estate income 1,150.40 52.88 1,451.59 63.14 649.43 45.46
Rental and service income 65.01 2.99 68.72 2.99 77.58 5.43
Hotel operation income 672.34 30.9 336.82 14.65 455.32 31.86
Sales of product income 67.85 3.12 60.43 2.63 60.45 4.23
Administrative fee income 31.28 1.44 23.28 1.01 28.34 1.98
Other’s income 188.62 8.67 358.25 15.58 157.90 11.04
Total 2,175.50 100.0 2,299.09 100.0 1,429.02 100.0

Business objective

The Company emphasize in maintaining quality of housing, resort, residential condominium, 6 stars hotel, office building and quality of services which is consider a success factor in past years. The company wishes to pursue the development of residential housing project, residential condominium, resort home and hotel business as it sees the continued growing trend in residential type of development. While the residential development can be in low rise and high rise at the price level which allow profit the office rental is however not feasible for the investment in new building. The Company is therefore not expanding its office rental business but concentrate in expanding the residential business with a target to develop not too large projects in tourist destinations such as Hua Hin, Cha Am, Chiang Mai or Phuket and urban area where transportation is convenient. Target audience for those development are working age with moderate to high income who has individual lifestyle.