Company Background

Charn Issara Development PLC. started its property development business for 30 years ago since the development of Charn Issara Tower I and II then followed by many other projects through both joint venture and its own efforts. The success of every project including the success battle through economic crisis led the company to the Stock Exchange of Thailand, becoming one of a leading public listed property development companies in Thailand.

Charn Issara Development PLC. was founded on 22nd December 1989 with a registered capital of 20 million baht. It went public and became a listed company on the SET in June 2002. Currently, the company has a registered capital of 1,485,317,667 baht and total paid registered capital of 1,066,509,514 baht.

Charn Issara Development PLC. is a property development company with clear policy in presenting the best property development project to its customers. The value added to each land plot composed by many factors such as a far vision, attention to details from design to construction, honest to its philosophy towards customer and most important of all is dedicated teamwork with experience, knowledge and capability.